The Closing Process

Preparing for closing
Understanding closing costs
Setting a closing date
At your closing
After your closing

Homebuyer's Dictionary (glossary)

After your closing

Congratulations!  You are now a homeowner, and you'll want to do everything in your power to protect your investment.

By maintaining or even enhancing the appearance of your home and making sure that necessary repairs are made, you could be increasing your home's value. You'll want to keep your finances in shape as well, so you can make timely payments and let your home's equity begin to work for you.

Remember that late mortgage payments can impact your credit rating. If you are consistently late, you could even lose your home.  Nothing's worth that!  If you get into a financial bind and fear you will have difficulty making your payment on time, contact your lender immediately.

If you consistently fail to make timely mortgage payments, you could lose your home and the good credit you've worked to maintain. Contact your lender at the first sign if you are having trouble making your payments.

You can potentially increase the value of your home by keeping up with repairs, and maintaining and enhancing the condition and appearance of your home.

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